Evaluating the benefit of screening for Atrial Fibrillation to prevent stroke.
Candidates should be age 70 or older and insured by Medicare to participate in the two-week study.

  • No wait, free & confidential
  • Access to advanced medication or devices without cost
  • Health insurance is not needed and isat no cost for those who qualify
  • Study-related care at no cost fromexperienced healthcare professionals
  • Lab work is done in our office and is available to other physicians for coordination of care
  • Compensation at each appointment approximately $50-100 per visit for qualified participants
  • Weekly visits with a board-certified doctor, ECG’s, labs, and more, all to ensure safety and well-being
  • Thorough evaluation for everyonewho takes part in a trial. This usually includes: Physical Exam; Laboratory Tests; ECG, Blood Pressure; Complete history ofyour symptoms and priormedications; Other appropriatediagnostic procedures required for indication

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If you qualify to participate in a clinical trial based upon one of your medical conditions, then the medical care and medication for that medical condition would be at no cost to you, and you would receive financial compensation for your time & travel.

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